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- NEVER empty a pool without consulting a professional first. If you have a high water table it can pop your pool right out of the ground, even concrete/gunite pools! If you empty a vinyl liner pool, the liner can shrink (this can happen very quickly) then it will tear as we're filling it and you'll need a new liner. A good rule of thumb for liner pools is to make sure you leave at least 1 foot of water in the SHALLOWEST part of the pool. And as we said already, consult a professional first!

- We CANNOT fill your pool if you still have water on your winter cover. Your cover needs to have the water pumped off of it. We prefer to fill after the cover is already off, but its not required.

- Be sure to keep the street clear of parked cars in front of your house. We have a big truck and need the space!

- If we're parking in your driveway please pull any cars that may need to leave out onto the street. Once we're in the driveway its difficult to get out if we're still loaded.

- If you live on a one lane road or dead end private drive, please let your neighbors know that we're gonna have the road blocked for at least 30-40 minutes.

- If you live on a main road we need to be able to park in your driveway or get completely off the road and onto the shoulder. Public safety comes first. Always advise us when ordering if you live on a busy main road.

- If anything changes after you place your order, please let us know. We don't want to get there and have to leave because the pool is not ready.

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